Immutable & Distributed NodeJS Modules With IPFS

What if we could have immutable modules that
are distributed and downloaded from everyone?

We can! We just have to add some processing
on top of the excellent and stable NPM CLI

Want to see it in action? Watch the demonstration
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If you share our values:

Getting Started

Walkthrough of the steps on getting started
  1. Have IPFS installed and running with
    ipfs daemon (IPFS setup instructions)
  2. npm install -g stay-cli@0.1.1
  3. Navigate to your module directory
  4. Install the hooks with stay init
  5. Publish your module npm publish
  6. Save the outputted hash and include it in Git tag or elsewhere
  7. Run stay add module-name@hash to save the dependency
  8. Run stay install to install the dependency
  9. Do not forget to run
    npm install --save module-name@version
    if you want your module to be compatible with existing NPM ecosystem

Now you are using peer-to-peer distributed modules that
can be installed from LAN & offline, with a fallback to the
existing NPM registry

Great work!

Problems left to solve

We still have things to do, this is not done yet.

Main issue is about discovering new modules [Issue on Github]

Other is about windows support for the hooks [Issue on Github]

And bunch of other things we have not thought about yet

Join us and help figure out what is left to do and what we can do

Together, we can improve the NodeJS/NPM ecosystem
make it offline/local first and make it resilient to failure

/ EverythingStays